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Directions for use

How to spell the word you are searching for?

Your orthography is important ! Look at our translitation system (for exemple, if you write "s", in the research page, in the category "Persnames", you can have access only to names beginning with "s" but not to those begininng with "š"). It does not matter if you type in capital letters or not.

How to search by date?

If you are looking for a specific date (for exemple, 1879), you have to type in « Beginning date »: 1879 and in « End date »: 1880. You will find all the manuscripts copied (or restored, binded, etc.) in 1879.

 How to search for a person?

Search in « Persnames » for authors, but also scribes, owners, binders, etc. After typing a few letters, a list in a drop-down menu will appear and show you all the possible results of your enquiry : this will allow you to select the name in the correct spell and have access to the data.



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